2019: Turkey

On January 24, 2019 in more than 25 countries around the world (including the United States) the annual ‘Day of the Endangered Lawyer’ took place. This year with the focus on the position of human rights lawyers in Turkey.
In the Netherlands there was a manifestation in The Hague in front of the Turkish embassy and at the Palace of Justice where lawyer Ruken Galagaci speeched. In Amsterdam, colleague Ramazan Demir spoke at the Faculty of Law.
The day in the Netherlands was organized by the Lawyers for Lawyers foundation, the Vereniging Sociale Advocatuur Nederland (VSAN) and the Day of the Endangered Lawyer Foundation. Read the report here: http://www.aeud.org/2019/01/the-day-of-the-endangered-lawyer-2019/

Check the activities in your own country via your search engine.
You can read further information about the situation of threatened lawyers in Turkey in the basic report. In addition to portraits of lawyers who became victims of the regime, recent figures from the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights are included.

Please find the report here: Basic-Report_Turkey2019

Click here to read about the fact finding mission in Turkey.