Many countries across the globe have lawyers like Tahir Elçi. Lawyers who risk their lives just by doing their job. Once a year we ask for your much needed attention by highlighting the situation of endangered lawyers in a specific country. This year’s call comes to aid the severely endangered state of advocacy in Honduras.

Right now, more lawyers are murdered in Honduras than any other country in the world. Both men and women are killed for no apparent reason. Our colleagues from Honduras are asking us to support them at setting up a project to protect them. The Day of the Endangered Lawyers was held on Friday the 22nd of January 2016 in The Hague. Nonetheless, our efforts will continue throughout the rest of the year.

Visit the ‘activities‘ page for more background information. Photos are available here.

Ever since lawyers Symone Gaasbeek-Wielinga and Hans Gaasbeek went onto a fact finding mission in the Philippines in 1990 (lawyers are being intimidated, threatened and even murdered because they aide their clients in politically sensitive cases) they have been active for their threatened colleagues all across the world. This is an international effort put together with like-minded colleagues. The first ever Day of the Endangered Lawyer was organized in 2010.

* The purpose of the Day of the Endangered Lawyer is a call for attention on that day to threatened human rights lawyers with special attention to one designated country.

* The course of action is to draw a centralized petition in as many cities as possible, in and across Europe’s borders, which will be offered to ambassadors, consulates and other bodies of authority. The petition will call for attention to the problematic situation of endangered lawyers in that country. Another aim is to engage in a dialogue with the representatives. Furthermore, forum discussions are being organized with local fellow lawyers.

More information is available at this website and our documented policy: Beleidsplan 2015-2017 (Dutch).

An extensive report on current data can be found on the ‘current events‘ page.